Dear members of Balkan Association of Orthodontic Specialists, Dear members of Bulgarian Orthodontic Society, Dear guests and friends,

Last September on the shores of Lake Ohrid we all parted in excellent mood, smile on our faces, and a promise to see each other again next year in Sofia for the 4th Congress of BAOS.

But plans are often set to change and there are barriers, much stronger than our desire to gather together.

An obstacle of global proportion emerged before us.

We went through different phases: from organizing a Congress to welcome you all in Sofia and enjoy our hospitality, through a partial presence event, for only Presidents of the Societies to come, until we reached our final decision to go entirely virtual.

I would like to thank my BAOS friends who encouraged me to go for an online congress. I would also like to thank all speakers who will take part in the scientific program, and lastly, to thank all colleagues who followed patiently the changes in the dates.

The motto of the BAOS Congress 2020 is:




Sapience stands for Sancta Sapientia/ Agia Sofia/ Светая София Премудрост Божия – the Holy Wisdom.

It has two meanings: first – the name of Bulgaria’s capital city.

Second, the wisdom of experience and knowledge.

Science stands for our attempt to present evidence-based Orthodontics – modern research in diagnosis and treatment.

The prominent writer and scientist Isaac Azimov once said:

“Right now science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

Thus, the last word of our slogan is Solution – how to solve clinical problems combining gathered wisdom and scientific evidence.

I am deeply convinced that the friendly atmosphere we are used to in our BAOS meetings will be missed, but I wish us all that only 2020 be like this and we’ll all meet next year in Belgrade with new energy! Our invitation for you all to visit Sofia in safer times remains!

With no further ado I open the 4th Congress of the Balkan Association of Orthodontic Specialists.

Let’s support the colleagues who are about to present their work!

I wish it to be productive and worth your time, even though virtual.

Laura Andreeva

President of BAOS 2020