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The present GENERAL TERMS arrange relations between Bulgarian Association of Orthodontic Specialists, further on called baos2020.org, on the one side and the users of the Site further on called The User, on the other side.

Bulgarian Orthodontic Society is a society registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria with UIC 121445990, having central office and official address in the city of Sofia, p.c. 1431, 1, Gheorghy Sofiyski street, mailto: vicushe@gmail.com, телефон: 0888757597.

You are kindly requested to thoroughly read these General Terms before using the Site. With visualizing of the Site, every User is automatically bound to observe the terms as hereunder specified.

This document contains information on the activity of baos2020.org, whereas it arranges the relations between us and every one of our Users.

The Site of the Society is https://baos2020.org including pages and links.


Art.1 Users can get information from the Site regarding baos2020.org activity.
Art.2 Users can send questions to baos2020.org by means of the contact form of the Site and also initiate treating contractual agreement.
Art.3 Users voluntarily share their personal data in the contact form.
Art.4 The only obligatory fields in the contact form are User Name and email. Data is indispensable so that baos2020.org can answer to the request received.
Art.5 baos2020.org deletes User’s personal data after 6 months from gathering.


Art.6 Intellectual property rights on all materials and resources uploaded on the website baos2020.org (including available database) are object to protection under the Intellectual Property Act and similar rights. These rights belong to baos2020.org or to the respective named person who has ceded their right of use to baos2020.org and hence they may not be used in violation of the current legislation.
Art.7 baos2020.org is entitled to claim for full size compensation of direct and indirect setbacks caused by not allowable copying and reproducing of information, as well as in any other case of violation of intellectual property rights on baos2020.org resources.
Art.8 Except for explicitly concord cases, the User may not reproduce, change, delete, promulgate and or make public in any other way any of the information resources made public on the website baos2020.org.
Art.9 baos2020.org is bound to a due diligence in providing usual and easy access to offered services for the Users.
Art.10 baos2020.org reserve the right of ceasing access to the rendered services. baos2020.org has the right but not the obligation to delete at their own discretion information resources and materials made public on the Site.


Art.11 baos2020.org is bound to advise Users by emailing them on any amendment in these General Terms within 7 days of its occurrence.
Art.12 If the User does not agree with amendments to these General Terms, they are entitled to refuse to the contract without naming the reason, neither owing any compensation or forfeit. For the purpose of exercising this right User has to advise baos2020.org within one month of the date of receipt of the advisement under the foregoing article.
Art.13 In a case that the User does not exercise their right to give up with the contract according to the order of the present General Terms, then it will be considered that the User accepted the amendments without objections.


Art.14 The current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria will be regulating on any other cases which do not read here.